Requirements to be a Lucky driver-partner

Basic Requirements

Age 21 - 70 years old

Only Malaysian age between 21-70 years old.

Own Vehicle

Vehicle age: Less than 10 years

E-Hailing PSV Licence

Completed the PSV exams. Effective 12 October 2019

Must have a smartphone

An Android or Apple OS smartphone with the latest OS

E-Hailing Requirements

Medical Check-up

Applicable for all

PUSPAKOM Car Inspection

If your car is older than 3 years old

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Sit for PSV Training & Exam

Passing score is 80% for exam

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E-Hailing Insurance

Compulsory for all drivers

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EVP (E-Hailing Vehicle Permit)

Lucky will apply on your behalf when you submit your vehicle documents


Mandatory for all drivers

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E-hailing Sticker

Need to be displayed on the front and rear windscreen.

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