What is a PSV licence?

A PSV licence — a type of vocational driving licence — allows the holder to drive any type of vehicle used to transport paying passengers. E-hailing driver-partners are now required to get a PSV licence.

How to get a PSV licence?

Step (1) – Pass the required medical check up based on JPJL8A standards

Go to any clinic and ask for a Medical Checkup for PSV Licence. Clinics should know the steps required for this – if not just present the JPJ L8A form.

Step (2) – Attend PSV training and take the PSV exam

  1. Go to any driving institute and bring your NRIC, Driver’s Licence and JPJ L8A form
  2. There, you will register for a 6-hour training course.
  3. You will have to pay upon registering. The cost amount will vary according to driving institutes.
  4. Once done with the training course, you will then register for a 1-hour written exam.
  5. Once done with the training and exam, the driving institute will provide the following documents to be used in subsequent steps:
  • JPJL2C Certificate (Training Certificate)
  • JPJL12 Certificate (PSV Exam Certificate)

6. Please note that you have to clear your summons before your training.

Step (3) – Register for PSV licence at JPJ

  1. Go to any JPJ office and bring the following documents to register for a PSV licence:
  • Original or copy of MyKad
  • Original or copy of Driving Licence (CDL)
  • JPJL8A Form (Registration and Medical Form)
  • JPJL2C Certificate (Training Certificate)
  • JPJL12 Certificate (PSV Exam Certificate)
  • 1 x colour photo (against a white background) with dimensions of 25 mm x 32 mm
  1. Collect your official PSV licence at the JPJ office branch you registered at. The collection date will vary from branch to branch.
  2. Some driving institutes will handle this entire process for you, so please inquire while you are going through Step (2).

Step (4) – Submit your PSV Licence to Lucky Car

  1. Submit your PSV licence from Step (2) during your application and interview with Lucky Car.