Once your Lucky Car account has been activated, you may have to undergo PUSPAKOM Vehicle Inspection.

Only vehicles 3 years old and above have to undergo a PUSPAKOM inspection.

If your vehicle is below 3 years old you do not have to undergo a PUSPAKOM check and can start driving until your car reaches the 3 year mark.

What is a PUSPAKOM check?

It is a check conducted by PUSPAKOM to certify that your vehicle is fit to operate as an e-Hailing vehicle. This is a requirement from the Ministry of Transport to become an e-hailing driver if your vehicle is 3 years old and above.

How do I complete the PUSPAKOM check?

a) You will first need to secure the following:

  • E-hailing Vehicle Permit
  • Original Car Registration Card
  • Original Vehicle Ownership Certificate
  • 1kg Fire Extinguisher – either Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or dry chemical powder. You should be able to find this at your local hardware stores.
  • Warning triangle 16’ x 2’ (405 mm x 51 mm)

b) After that schedule an appointment with your local PUSPAKOM center here: https://www.puspakom.com.my/appointment/.

  • When registering, pick ‘Individual’ for Account type
  • When creating your appointment, pick ‘Persendirian e-hailing’ for the Usage Class and ‘Berkala Pertama e-Hailing’ for Inspection Type

c) After you have completed the inspection, you will receive a document and disc certifying that your vehicle is fit for e-Hailing.

Do I need to obtain a new road tax/Lesen Kenderaan Motor (LKM)?

No, you do not need to renew your road tax.

If I get stopped for picking up passengers, how do I identify as an e-hailing driver-partner?

Peninsular & Sabah: Please show authorities your EVP number which can be found in your Driver Profile section in the driver app.

Sarawak: Please show authorities your printed EVP.

Am I allowed to have any on-car advertisements?

Car wraps and on-car advertisements are allowed for registered and approved e-hailing vehicles until further notice from JPJ.

Can I drive if I just have private motor insurance?

No, you cannot. The Ministry of Transport has made it compulsory that all vehicles used for e-hailing must have an e-hailing add-on. Therefore, driver-partners MUST purchase the additional e-hailing add-on, on top of the existing motor insurance to continue driving with Lucky Car after 12 July 2019.

What cars are eligible to drive for Lucky Car after the new e-hailing regulation?

All cars that are used for e-hailing will need to have a minimum three-star ASEAN NCAP rating or its equivalent AND needs to be less than 9 years old. However, pick up trucks will not be allowed as e-hailing vehicles except in Sabah & Sarawak.

How much does the car inspection cost?

There is a fee of RM70 for initial car inspection. Every subsequent annual inspection will cost RM55. (however, rates might change from time to time.)

Where do I go to get my cars inspected?

Head to a PUSPAKOM centre nearest to you. Find one here.

How long will the car inspection take?

After registration, inspection takes about an hour.

(Reference here)

What exactly will PUSPAKOM check?

For cars that are over three years, PUSPAKOM will carry out the following checks:

  1. Vehicle identification check
  2. External and internal vehicle
  3. Undercarriage inspection
  4. Tinted glass inspection

Kindly refer here for the full detailed list of checks.

What equipment do I need to have in my vehicle?

  1. Fire extinguisher (1kg)
  2. Emergency kit (for 7-seater vehicles)
  3. Warning triangle

*Only for cars more than 3 years old. Find a PUSPAKOM centre near you, here.

Guide to making an appointment: here.

E-hailing inspection guidelines: here.

Vehicle inspection standards: here.