LuckyCar Service Types

There are different types of services on LuckyCar to cater to every passengers’ needs. Each service has its own set of fares as well as requirements to be on that service type; such as the car model, size, and capacity. Vehicle age 10 years and below.

CKD – less than 10 years from the date of registration with JPJ.
CBU – less than 10 years from the car manufacturing year.

  • LuckyGo
  • LuckyMPV
  • LuckyPremium


LuckyGo is the default service type that all driver-partner in Malaysia will have when they join the LuckyCar platform.

  • Seats and seatbelts for at least 4 passengers and a driver


Seat extra passengers—and earn higher fares—with your high-capacity vehicle.

  • at least 7-seater cars (including the driver)


LuckyPremium is LuckyCar service that has full interior leather seats.

  • Sedan D-Segment Cars
  • Have at least 4 doors and sit a minimum of 4 passengers