Michael Tai started off in this industry as an Uber driver in Malaysia in 2017, and later he moved on to Grab during the Uber and Grab consolidation in South East Asia.

While there are lots of hype in the “Gig Economy”, Michael experienced first hand what it feels like to be living in it. Similar to most of the drivers, Michael work full time in this industry for a couple of years and he’s glad he’s able to meet and talk to people from various industries.

After months of research, Michael finally decided to venture into this industry himself.

Michael went on to find some funding for the business, the road was bumpy but he finally found Bryan Man (who is a serial entrepreneur himself), Eugena Ng (a lawyer who was actually a passenger of Michael Tai, although she can’t remember) and Miss Gan (a close friend) as the investors.

And so the journey begins from here…